Ampoule médicale double pointe en verre
Public opinion on the double-tip ampoule
Consumer study

Public opinion on the double-tip ampoule

Convinced of the qualities of this container and its potential, we commissioned an independent survey of 1000 people in order to gather their opinion and get a better understanding of their expectations.

Appeared in the 20th century, the double-tip ampoule is a “historic” primary packaging.
Originally mainly intended for drinkable drugs, it has been developing for many years around other applications (vitamins, food supplements, nutri-cosmetics, etc.).
Meanwhile, growing awareness of environmental and health issues is pushing us to rethink our consumption patterns.

Thanks to its many advantages, the glass ampoule can meet all these new challenges. The current context is right for its big return. And people seem to agree !

Ampoule médicale double pointe

A well-known container
with aknowledged qualities

98% of respondents know the double-tip glass ampoule and 96% of respondents have already used one!
For these users, the ampoule has several advantages. It is airtight and protective, less toxic than other aluminium of plastic packaging, it is easy to store, aesthetic and ecological.

If, for 2/3 of people the packaging has no impact on the perception of the formula effectiveness, the remaining third thinks that a product contained in a glass ampoule is more effective.

Glass ampule for medical

A real alternative to tablets

double tip Glass ampule for medical

The drinkable ampoule has nothing to envy to new galenics! The two tips container comes in 2nd place among the French favorite galenics, behind tablets, but ahead of syrups, powders, sticks and gels.

For those who have difficulty taking tablets, or to simplify the dosage during cures, the double-tip glass ampoule is THE solution. The drinkable, single-dose, perfectly airtight ampoule releases the active ingredients only at the time of consumption, and therefore fully preserves their freshness and effectiveness.

A new youth for
the double-tip ampoule

6 out of 10 people think the double-tip glass ampoule will develop :

>  because it is a less toxic alternative to plastic or aluminium
> for ecological reasons

double tip ampule
Glass ampule for medical

The drinkable ampoule also has some followers among the 18-24-year-olds. They think its is healthier. For this reason, and for its more ecological aspect, they are also 33% to be ready to pay more for a product contained in a double-tip ampoule. Despite its “great age”, the ampoule also appeals to the youngest!