Our ampoules

Our glass ampoules,

double tipped for success since 1954

drinkable ampoules

In direct contact with the active ingredient, this primary glass packaging is a premium, non-toxic and 100% ecological solution. Glass, a noble and non-polluting material, is infinitely recyclable.

The double-tip ampoule, perfectly hermetic, guarantees a very competitive filling cost thanks to a vacuum suction process invented by SFAM allowing up to 500 ampoules to be filled simultaneously.

On average,
37,800 ampoules
filled per hour*
*Based on 75 plastic boxes of 504 ampoules of 2ml per hour
Ampoule médicament

Intended for drinkable solutions, the double-tip glass ampoule guarantees the “right dose”. The drinkable ampoule is particularly adapted to sectors such as :

Pharmacy & Parapharmacy

Food supplement


Phytotherapy, oligotherapy…

Ampoule médicament pharmaceutique


Our ampoules are available in clear, yellow or amber glass.
Our ampoules are created from ILLAX® (Type III) or FIOLAX® (Type I) glass, in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia. Our supplier, the German group Schott, world leader in pharmaceutical glass, is the inventor of the borosilicate glass. This material offers very high resistance to high temperatures and to most chemicals with which it interacts little, making it ideal for all sensitive active products such as medical drugs.

Emballage primaire - Ampoules double pointe en verre


The capacities of our ampoules vary from 1 ml to 20 ml.
Capacities can be adapted to customer requirements.



The silk-screening process, tailored to customer request, only uses colours without heavy metals that are resistant to chemicals and solutions.

SFAM invented and patented the Double Ring Break (DRB)
process to pre-determine the breaking point which considerably
reduces the risk of glass particles being released on opening the ampoule.

crushable ampoules

For over 15 years now, the world leader in glow sticks has availed of our expertise as part of its manufacturing process:

> A plastic tube encloses both an active product in liquid form and our double-tip ampoule.
> This ampoule also contains another active ingredient, also in liquid form.
> If a person presses the tube, the glass ampoule breaks and releases the active product which, on contact with the liquid, causes light to be emitted.

Ampoules médicament double pointe

Many other projects are also in the development or finalisation phases, including:

> A medical device manufacturer will use our ampoules to store/release an injectable product into one of their handheld devices.

> A skin adhesive manufacturer wants to use our ampoules to store and release their product with a special applicator.

Our crushable ampoules have potential in a myriad of fields, especially when integrated into elements such as tubes, pens, syringes or even combined solutions:

> Medical & Dental
> Veterinarian
> Cosmetics
> Industrial

The very competitive cost of filling double-tip ampoules is a major advantage for this type of application.

Ampoule en verre médicament
Double-ended ampoule Safe Pen

The two-point ampoule dedicated to medical devices:
the example of SafeT Pen TM

Phenol is frequently used in some podological treatments. Phenol requires great care in its handling, as it is a highly corrosive product.

The new SafeT PenTM device now provides practitioners with a safe, single-dose tool that works as follows:

> Phenol is contained in a SFAM double-ended ampoule, as only glass can store this toxic and corrosive material.

> The double-ended ampoule containing the phenol is itself placed in an applicator, specially designed for this purpose.

> The opening of the ampoule in the device allows the release of the phenol for a precise surgical intervention, without any risk of adjacent contact with the skin, nor any incident during handling.

The double-tip ampoule,
a quality primary

ISO 9001, ISO 15378
Production line based in France for more than 70 years
An expert and experienced team
A quality Schott glass
Ampoule médicament en verre double pointe