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Created in 1954,
the Société Française
Mécaniques (SFAM)
is the French leader of the double-tip ampoule, a hermetically sealed vial for pharmaceutical packaging.

an efficient manufacturing process, based entirely in France, more than 70 years in operation and highly automated over the decades.
an experienced team, guaranteeing top-notch quality since our inception. All products from our production lines are therefore subject to extensive quality-control.
ongoing improvement process to add even more innovation and added value, enabling us to anticipate the expectations of our customers and, in turn, their customers.
a level of service recognised and appreciated by our customers combining attentiveness, flexibility, personalisation and respect for deadlines.

SFAM, an industrial know-how dedicated to the manufacturing of double-tip ampoules for more than 70 years.

100 %
100% made in France
900 M
Production capacity:
900,000,000 ampoules / year
+ 60
over 60 employees
6 patents
Emballage primaire pharmacie
Emballage primaire pharmacie
Emballage primaire pharmacie
Emballage primaire cosmétique
ampoules en verre, Emballage primaire pharmacie
Emballage primaire
Emballage primaire cosmétique
Emballage primaire cosmétique

Our ampoules, double tipped for success since 1954

In direct contact with the active ingredient, this primary glass packaging is a premium, non-toxic and 100% ecological solution. Glass, a noble and non-polluting material, is infinitely recyclable. Borosilicate glass, supplied by the German group Schott, world leader in pharmaceutical glass, offers very high resistance to high temperatures and to most chemicals.

The double-tip ampoule, perfectly hermetic, guarantees a very competitive filling cost thanks to a vacuum suction process invented by SFAM allowing up to 500 ampoules to be filled simultaneously.

On average,
37,800 glass ampoules
filled per hour*
*Based on 75 plastic boxes of 504 ampoules of 2ml per hour
Ampoules double pointe

This type of glass containers is also autoclavable which allows sterilization after filling and sealing.
Elegant, healthy, eco-responsible and cost-effective, the drinkable glass ampoule is more than ever in tune with the times.
Our drinkable ampoules are available in clear glass, yellow glass and amber glass for light sensitive products.

A quality primary packaging with multiple fields of application

Initially intended for drinkable pharmaceutical products, this glass vial guarantees the right dosage and is now used in various sectors of activity.

Emballage primaire - Ampoules double pointe

Pharmacy & Parapharmacy

Food supplement


Phytotherapy & Oligotherapy

Medical & Dental



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Our customers, who has been loyal for many years, are among the leading companies in the pharma industry.
We particularly work for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratories as well as for drugs and food supplements manufacturers.