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the expert in double-tip ampoules

A pharmaceutical ampoule supplier
with a history of more than 70 years
dedicated to the manufacture
of double-tip drinkable ampoules

A French industrialist sets up Société Française des Ampoules Mécaniques (SFAM). At that time, double-tip glass ampoules are used for drinkable pharmaceutical products.
A plant is built in Casteljaloux, France to manufacture double-tip ampoules. Convinced that this specialisation can be its core expertise going forward, SFAM decides to focus exclusively on the manufacture of this pharmaceutical packaging.
The German Group Schott, a world-leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass with operations in over 35 countries, acquires SFAM. The Group regularly invests in SFAM’s industrial tool to boost automation, enabling SFAM to manufacture to even the most exacting quality standards and to innovate.
1970 - 2010
SFAM continues to grow and becomes the French leader in double-tip ampoules for the pharma industry, thanks to the irreproachable quality of its products and its capacity for innovation (numerous patents registered, industrial diversification...).
A family-held French industrial holding acquires SFAM, with a resolute focus on further developing the company in terms of international markets and new "product" applications such as nutri-cosmetics or nutraceutical products.

Innovative packaging: numerous patents filed!

Since 1970, SFAM has been simplifying
the filling of glass ampoules

In 1970, SFAM patented its invention to protect the automatic filling of ampoules by vacuum. This process gave the double-tip ampoule a major competitive advantage since now, up to 500 ampoules can be filled simultaneously.
The “double-tip” ampoule is the only ampoule shape that lends itself to a vacuum-filling process of this nature. This type of glass containers also allows sterilization after filling and sealing.
SFAM went on to file other patents to improve the manufacturing and filling of double-tip glass ampoules:

1981 2 patents on plastic boxes used for vacuum filling
1983 1 patent on burners used for the thermo-mechanical treatment of glass canes
1983 1 patent on a system to load industrial carousels

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In 1984, the SFAM makes it easier to break drinkable glass ampoules

Our ampoules have a unique technical advantage, invented and patented by SFAM. The Double Ring Break (DRB) pre-determines the breaking point which considerably reduces the risk of glass particles being released on opening the ampoule.

In 2006, SFAM releases a crushable model and expands the potential of these glass containers

Effective protection, cost-effective, non-toxic, 100% ecological… The double-tip ampoule has many qualities. Convinced of its advantages, we developed a crushable version in order to widen the spectrum of its applications and thus meet the demands of other sectors of activity, beyond the pharmaceutical industry. The innovation was an immediate success and today, one industrialist uses our “crushable” packaging solution for its incandescent cold light tubes, where light is generated without energy being consumed.

Fournisseur packaging cosmétique

Packaging solutions manufactured
in France

Our plant is located in Casteljaloux, a convivial spa town in the southwest of France. Dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of double-tip ampoules, our industrial tool has been perfected over the years in order to increase productivity and meet our customers’ needs. This specialisation attests to our high level of expertise and service, as recognised and appreciated by our customers such as pharmaceutical companies and laboratories.

20 production lines
18000 m2
18,000 sq.m
industrial site
900 M
Production capacity:
900,000,000 ampoules / year

Quality is our priority

ISO 15378

ISO 9001

Schott quality glass

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SFAM meets all the pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements
Our ampoules are created from ILLAX® (Type III) or FIOLAX® (Type I) glass, in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia. Our supplier, the German group Schott, world leader in pharmaceutical glass, is the inventor of the borosilicate glass. This material offers very high resistance to high temperatures and to most chemicals with which it interacts little, making it ideal for all sensitive active products, such as medical drugs.

Every single ampoule we manufacture is subject to quality-control and is automatically and visually checked. In addition to this, the typical statistical checks are carried out to ensure the highest level of quality.

The fact that we are specialised in double-tip ampoules means that we optimise the production process and avoid potential issues caused by changing production series, all of which has a positive impact on quality and lead times.

Our production lines are fully automated, and we have a team of technicians totally dedicated to quality and continuous improvement: checks, preventive and evolutionary maintenance, innovations (6 patents registered). This team can also carry out feasibility studies to meet specific requests from our customers.

SFAM: the guarantee of a service rate of almost
100% as well as a short lead time.

A strong
capacity for innovation

We are constantly evolving to anticipate the needs of our customers and to extend the use of this primary packaging beyond the pharmaceutical field. The know-how and passion of our technicians, in constant search of innovation, have seen us file several patents.

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To meet the specific demands of our customers,
we carry out feasibility studies.

An experienced

More than 60 employees, all glass experts, ensure the respect of good manufacturing practices and the quality of our products. SFAM employees have an average seniority of 25 years, and our staff turnover is very low. Many of our people started their career at SFAM and have never left.

Proud of their company and intent on playing their part in safeguarding our exacting requirements, our employees are the guarantors of the quality of our products and the respect of deadlines. Their ability to innovate and their flexibility also allow us to meet the specific demands of our customers. The know-how of our technical teams is passed on from generation to generation, with talent and pride.

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Fournisseur packaging cosmétique
Laborantin devant un écran
Laborantin avec des ampoules

A high level
of service

Listening, flexibility, personalisation.
Our daily goal is to ensure the total and constant satisfaction of our customers.
Our culture of anticipation and innovation, our ability to listen and our flexibility mean that we can meet specific requests and develop tailored solutions.


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Quality manager of one of SFAM’s client companies which designs new drug formulation and manufactures healthcare products.

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