What is nutri-cosmetics?
What is nutri-cosmetics?
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What is nutri-cosmetics?

Dermo-cosmetic products have always been used directly on the skin, acting from the outside. However, certain problems linked to the skin, such as the signs of ageing, have their origins in the dermis, inside the body, which is particularly affected by the deleterious effects of molecular ageing linked to oxidative stress or glycation. There are therefore food supplements dedicated to beauty, nutri-cosmetics, to act precisely from the inside. In order to have silky hair or radiant skin, it is therefore sufficient to consume pills or drinkable ampoules. But what exactly are they? What are the most popular types of nutri-cosmetic packaging? How are “beauty” routines evolving?

What exactly is nutri-cosmetics?

By definition, nutri-cosmetics is the combination of nutrition and cosmetics. In a way, it is a way of improving beauty from a product consumed orally. It has effects not only on the skin, but also on the nails and hair. A concept that is beginning to develop strongly, nutri-cosmetics can be presented in several forms, including capsules, capsules, drinkable ampoules, sachets, tablets, etc.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, nutri-cosmetics are not applied topically. Instead, it is used as a food supplement. Thanks to its specific composition, it can slow down the ageing of the skin and help strengthen the scalp. The advantage of nutri-cosmetics is that it does not only act on the area of application, but in all areas where the skin has insufficient elasticity.

Double-tipped ampoules, the best nutri-cosmetic packaging

There are different types of packaging for nutri-cosmetic products on the market. These packages can be in sachets, tablet blisters, capsule boxes or glass ampoules. Currently, the most popular solution is the double-tip drinking ampoule. 100% environmentally friendly, hermetically sealed, neutral and non-toxic, this packaging is the perfect container for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and nutri-cosmetic products.

Whether yellow, clear or amber, the glass of a drinkable ampoule complies with health standards and avoids chemical transfer between the contents and the container. Even at high temperatures, the liquid inside the container will not turn into a toxic product. In order to release the product in this type of packaging, it is sufficient to break the two tips of the glass ampoule.

The importance of nutri-cosmetics, and the ‘in & out’ approach of brands

At first glance, “in & out” beauty is not revolutionary, as it simply brings together the world of classic cosmetics with the world of cosmetic food supplements.

At first sight… because if the two universes have nothing new, what is really innovative is to associate them within the same brand, and to make a global offer capable of being part of an integrative beauty, particularly in the era of time. Because the trend is to break down the boundaries between health, well-being and beauty.

The ingenuity of this segment is to propose a global offer through complementary and well thought-out formulas. Oral” nutri-cosmetics are particularly promising because they optimise the results and effectiveness of a skin cosmetic treatment, designed to treat, moisturise, nourish and beautify the skin.

What is very new and judicious with this “holistic cosmetic” is the synergistic effect provided by the two actions (oral and cutaneous).

This complementary and synergistic effect is all the more interesting as, after a certain age, the production of lipids weakens, the levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decrease, blood irrigation is reduced and cell renewal slows down. To compensate for these deficiencies, topical cosmetics are not enough, and they need a booster…

Depending on the ingredients used, nutri-cosmetics can be effective for the skin, hair, nails and even tanning.

The French market for nutri-cosmetics is growing, but is still in its infancy. Given the popularity of cosmetics in France, nutri-cosmetics can look forward to double-digit annual growth in the coming years.